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Welcome to Pachamama Hostel in Cabanaconde

Pachamamahome is a nice family atmosphere hostel located right in the heart of Colca Canyon, in the traditional village of Cabanaconde (3, 287metres), 5 1/2 hrs. By bus from Arequipa city.

We also have a quiet cozy Bar - Restaurant - Woodfired Pizzeria where is the perfect place to meet travelers and organize your hiking into the Colca Canyon.

We will provide you valuable trekking information of Colca Canyon with an update trekking map and the most important is that we help you to plan a safe trekking in Colca Canyon.

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All About Trekking in Colca Canyon

The Best Trekking Information About Colca Canyon in this website

We invite you to explore Colca Canyon in a different way by visiting Cabanaconde and its surroundings. Most of the trekking trails in Colca Canyon start from the traditional village of Cabanaconde. There are several trekking options according your needs starting from 1 to 5 days.

You can also enjoy by doing short hikes, biking from Cruz del Condor, visiting Viewpoints to observe the depth of Colca Canyon or ride a mule to Kallimarka ruins.

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Join Our Kombi Ride Experience

Visit with our Kombi Volskwagen the viewpoint of Cruz del Condor. We always depart early and be the first to see Condors, we also have chances to see condors at the Viewpoint of Tapay.

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All About Trekking Oasis Sangalle

Sangalle (Oasis) this is the most popular trek of 1 day trekking from Cabanaconde to the bottom of the Canyon . Sangalle is a small piece of land situated at the bottom of the canyon the view and the color of the mountains are impressive. There are five places to stay and most of them offers bungalows.

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All About Trekking San Juan de Chuccho

The most classic trekking for Colca Canyon is the trekking to San Juan de Chuccho and Sangalle, you can hike for 2 days and spend 1 night or why not 2 nights. You will also hike through the villages of Coshñirwa and Malata. Enjoy swimming in the pools of Sangalle.

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trekking Info Llahuar

All About Trekking Llahuar

This is definitely one of the best alternatives hikes in Colca Canyon. Llahuar is a very quiet place and offers hot springs on the banks of the Colca river. This trek is a bit longer and you may need 3 days 2 nights.

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trekking Info Fure

All About Trekking Fure

The best alternative trekking that offers great views of Colca Canyon is the hike to Fure and Huaruro´s waterfall. You will rarely see other hikers on the trails. If you look for something different this might be your trek. You need 3 to 4 days to enjoy and you must hire a local guide.

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Mucurca Lagoon

Explore the Lagoon of Mukurka

If you are in Cabanaconde you can visit the lagoon of Mucurca, great views and flamincos. You get the best views of the Volcanoes Ampato, Sabankaya and Hualca-Hualca.

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Climbing Hualca-Hualca

Climbing Hualca - Hualca 6, 025 m

If you love climbing we can offer you a great experience by climbing the snow capped mountain of Hualca-Hualca 6 025 m. This Tour is only organized by Pachamama.

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